What can InSource do for me?

From product design to full production, our capabilities in Wire Harness, Electronic Controls, and Refrigeration Systems delivers value and additional benefits by streamlining your Supply Chain.

What does InSource look for in a customer?

We target $100k revenue in the first year, with the upward potential of $250K in 2-3 years. We are looking for customers who want to partner with us for years to come.

How do I make contact for an RFQ?

Contact our sales team via email at sales@insource-tech.com

How do I place an order?

Once our team has provided a quote for your product, you can send an order to customer.service@insource-tech.com

What are your industry certifications?

Please visit our website to see our certifications:

What are your typical lead times?

Lead times depend on business unit and supplier lead times. We tend to run about 3 weeks for Harness, 2 weeks for Refrigeration, and 8 weeks for Controls

Why would I outsource to Insource?

Our Director, Sales & Marketing answers this in The True Cost of Manufacturing.

Do you use overseas suppliers?

We prefer local and regional US suppliers. If a customer specifies an overseas supplier, we will use their source.

Can we work directly with your engineers?

We want all levels of our organization to work with all levels of yours.

What does QRM mean?

InSource uses a lead-time strategy called Quick Response Manufacturing (or QRM).

Many companies believe that people must work harder, faster, and longer hours to get jobs done in less time.  Lead times improve by reducing the time a job is waiting for people and machines to become available.

Over-utilized resources increase lead times: think about rush-hour traffic.  Spare capacity is necessary to reduce lead times.  In general, machines should be no more than 80% busy and people 90%.

QRM uses multi-functional resources that are dedicated to a cell.  Cell teams take ownership of which jobs to work on and who will run each machine.  In a high-mix shop, the type of work can vary a lot in each cell.  Cross-training allows us to quickly reconfigure to meet the demand. 

What is our MOQ?

MOQ’s are driven by supplier requirements.

What are your credit terms?

NET 30 preferred.

Can I schedule a tour of your facility?

Contact our main office and we will be happy to schedule one.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes. We charge based on EXWORKS: Paulding, OH. Our customers are responsible to pay shipping.

How does InSource deal with tariff charges?

We have written a program that pulls monthly tariff charges for your products and you are invoiced that way.

Another way is to add it into your piece price, however doing this adds our parts mark up.

What is your quality policy?

InSource is committed to:

  • Build and design custom products that are reliable,
  • Understand customer needs and respond quickly, and
  • Comply with quality standards and continually improve.

What is your vision?

Our customers consider us essential and their most responsive supplier.

How do you guarantee quality products?

With years of experience of finding quality suppliers and 100% testing the products that go out of our door.

What is your Warranty?

Unless specifically negotiated differently, we will pass on our manufacturer’s warranties.

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