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  • “Insource is a top account to do business with, they are very responsive and are always well aware of industry changes.”
    – Corey M. - Newark

  • “Insource is a great company for your contract manufacturing needs. Heilind Electronics, as one of their primary supply sources, can attest that Insource is exceptionally capable of understanding project needs and are dedicated to providing quality products for their customers in a timely manner. Insource has a great team, from sourcing to manufacturing, which allows them to provide superior products and assist with engineering when needed.”
    – Terry H. - Heilind Electronics

  • “We have had the pleasure of working with Insource for the last two years. It’s nice to work with a company that is professional and still has that family feel. We appreciate their integrity and the fact that they have similar values as we do. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”
    – Karen C. - LJR Electronics

  • “As a supplier to Insource Technologies Inc, my experience with them is always a positive one. The organization and effective communication in relaying their needs not only makes my job easier but a pleasure as well.”
    – Christy R. - Arrow Electronics

  • “InSource Technologies was willing to spend the time upfront to understand our products and needs. They worked tirelessly to obtain all necessary information and build relationships with our other vendors to develop a system that was right for us while also taking the time to recommend and implement any improvements that would make our product stronger, cost efficient and reduce our production time. Their engineers are extremely talented and relentless in the pursuit of extremely efficient and reliable products.”

    – Mark Z. - EIEIO

  • “InSource Technologies is a customer oriented supplier and partner that goes above and beyond expectations to support the products and services they provide.
    – Mark R. - Precision Planting

  • "Akron Brass designs and manufactures custom products with short lead times. InSource Technologies has listened and made it happen. They are an important part of our business."
    – Brad M. - Akron Brass Company

  • “InSource Technologies is a progressive company that will partner with you from project conception through design and implementation.
    – Scott S. - Headsight Inc.

  • “I consider ourselves fortunate to use InSource as our electronics manufacturer for our J1939 converter. I highly recommend them.”
    – JR S. - Simma Software, Inc.

  • “Over the years, I have had the great opportunity to work directly with many of the fine individuals at Insource Technologies on multiple projects.
    – Scott B. - Braun Industries, Inc.

InSource can make your Supply Chain Stronger!

FROM PRODUCT DESIGN to full production, our capabilities in Wire Harness, Electronic Controls, and Refrigeration Systems delivers value and additional benefits by streamlining your Supply Chain.

Collaboration to us means listening to our customers and working together to meet your product and service needs. Why choose InSource? We are confident that your supply chain can be more consistent, efficient, and reliable.

Why InSource? 3

Consistent Connections

A supply chain that is consistent is easier to manage and can be counted upon to deliver. Whether simple cables or complex wiring assemblies, InSource has the equipment, process, and expertise to make it your way…every time!

We invest in comprehensive testing to assure that appearance, crimp, and continuity standards are met for maximum product endurance. Our engineering staff will support your design for optimal product performance and make suggestions to improve product life with the goal to make the product better and bring costs down.

Consistent means on time and built right! Do you need timely Wire Harness Assembly you can count on?

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Why InSource? 4

Efficient Electronics

A supply chain that is efficient utilizes best practices to maximize productivity. At InSource, we believe there is always a better way to do things. Our high level of support and understanding of embedded electronic design makes us uniquely able to manage your electronic manufacturing project and build.

We place surface mount components and solder through hole components in house to maintain tight process control and reduce lead time. Custom or standard enclosures, wire harness integration or connectors directly soldered, potted or over-molded; you get a product that is well built and delivered on time.

InSource manages data/software complexities ensuring your electronic devices talk as intended. To support the build, we develop testing capabilities to continually improve the process. Efficient means increasing productivity and reducing cost! Do you need more than just a circuit board?

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Why InSource? 5

Reliable Refrigeration

A Supply Chain that is reliable displays quality and performance that can be trusted. InSource brings a high level of expertise in Refrigeration processes and gladly share this knowledge with our customers to improve products and aid innovation.

We build complete Refrigeration Systems and sub-assemblies that are fully charged and leak tested. Our support activities include copper tube fabrication, certified brazing, and wire harness integration to provide higher quality and shorter lead time.

With in-house electronic processing, combined with embedded engineering support, we are uniquely positioned to integrate today’s technology into your refrigeration system. We use custom packaging and returnable containers for dependable delivery. Reliable means confidence in product performance and endurance. Does your Supply Chain need a strong link for Reliable Refrigeration?

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Why InSource? 6


A STRONG SUPPLIER IS INDISPENSABLE. A strong supply chain is your competitive advantage.

InSource can make your supply chain stronger with consistent delivery, reliable quality, and efficient processes. We look forward to the opportunity to prove the value of our contract manufacturing and engineering to your company!

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